Your Guide to Using a Bluetooth Label Printer

No matter what type of business you run, there are a wide variety of reasons to use a label printer. From printing shipping labels to postage to barcodes for tracking, a label printer can be an almost invaluable asset for most businesses. Label printers are also great for home use, as you can label boxes for moving, homemade goods like jams and jellies, and even use it for printing shipping labels or postage at Christmas.

How does thermal printing work?

Unlike a regular printer that uses ink to create an image, a thermal printer uses heat. This means that unlike a regular printer, there are no ink cartridges to purchase or refill. The materials you use to print on will be coated with a special material that creates an image when exposed to heat. The print head creates heat in the shape of the image to be printed, which then results in that same image being exposed on the material. Thermal technology also creates sharp, clear images at even a low dpi, which is what makes them excellent for printing barcodes.

How do you use a printer to print postage?

One of the most convenient uses for label printers is for printing postage. You can visit the website of whatever mail delivery service you want to use, create an account, and input your credit or debit card information. In some cases, you may also need a scale to weigh the package or parcel you are sending. When you are ready to mail something, you just go to the website and enter in some information about the package and where you want to ship it to. The program will then direct the printer to print the postage and charge your credit card. You can then either drop the package at a post office or shipping center or have the service pick it up.

What can you use a Bluetooth label printer for?

There are a wide variety of uses for a Bluetooth label printer. These include the following:

  • Barcodes to help keep track of inventory
  • Address and return address labels
  • Postage
  • Product information
  • Homemade goods or items
How do you create a label to print?

You can use a number of different devices to prepare labels for printing. Most printers will come with either software or a downloadable app, or both, that is compatible with both Mac and PC and also with Android and Apple iOS. You can simply use the software or app to create your label and your device will connect via a wireless connection to your printer. Most printers will also allow you to connect to your computer or device via USB in case the device you are using is not Bluetooth-compatible or if you have any problems connecting via wireless connection.