Print From Anywhere With a Mobile Black-and-White Printer

Ditch the cables and print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Mobile printers that produce documents in black and white are available in a wide range of styles, so here is some information to help you select the mobile printer that is right for you.

How do you connect to a mobile printer?

There are two main ways to connect to a mobile printer. You can either do it directly from your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet or by using a Wi-Fi connection to a computer that is connected to the printer. Some mobile printers also have USB and Ethernet ports.

Direct access is usually via a Bluetooth connection. Most mobile printers can connect with either and IOS or an Android mobile device. Check to make sure that the printer you select will be able to connect to your particular mobile device.

Are mobile and portable printers the same thing?

No. A mobile printer refers to the printers ability to print wirelessly from a mobile device. A printer is considered portable when it is small and light enough to easily fit into a travel bag. Many portable printers are battery-operated so you can take them anywhere. A small, rechargeable photo printer is an example of a printer that is both mobile and portable.

What kinds of printers can connect to a mobile device?

A variety of mobile printers can produce documents in black and white. These vary in technology, speed, and print quality. Some types of mobile printers are:

  • Dot matrix: These tend to be limited in the type of paper they can print on. Dot matrix printers can typically print in black and white at 300 by 600 dpi, but some can print at higher resolutions.
  • Inkjet: Depending on the model, inkjet printers can usually handle a variety of paper sizes and types including envelopes and photo paper. Their resolution can often match that of a laser printer.
  • Laser: The main advantage of laser printers is their print speed, but this can vary greatly between models.
  • Thermal: Common uses for the thermal printing technology is for receipts and bar code labels that print in black and white. The technology is also used for small, portable photo printers and tattoo stencil printers.
Who makes mobile printers?

A number of brands produce mobile printers that produce documents in both color and black and white. These include companies such as Brother, Canon, HP, Epson, Polaroid, and Seiko.