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Belleville Boots for Men

Belleville boots for men are made for all different military and public service personnel. Boots are designed for different climates and job responsibilities. A variety of safety features help cater to a particular individual’s role.

What styles of Belleville boots are available for men?

Belleville makes boots for military and public safety personnel with many different features depending on the particular job and duties at hand. Military and public safety Belleville boot models are generally the same except for color. Often, public safety boots are black while combat boots made for military personnel are tan or brown. Aside from the difference in uniform, the features are mostly the same between climate categories.

What conditions does Belleville make boots for?

Belleville makes insulated and waterproof boots as well as styles for hot weather.

  • Hot weather: Hot weather Belleville boots are generally crafted in an athletic style to accommodate high temperatures. Using cattlehide leather and a nylon fabric upper means that feet can breathe easily. Vanguard sole construction combines a cushioned direct injected midsole with a rubber Vibram outsole for traction and maximum stability. Most insoles are removable. Some hot weather boots also have steel toes as an added protective feature.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof boots have most of the same features, and they are generally made with GORE-TEX waterproof fabric booties inside for extra protection against water, mud, and the elements.
  • Waterproof and insulated: Waterproof, insulated Belleville boots have most of the same features as the abovementioned two climate designs. Additionally, these styles have Thinsulate insulation in addition to the GORE-TEX bootie construction. A Vibram Fire and Ice outsole is made of a particular type of rubber that does not harden in cold weather to help maintain traction in snow and ice.
How do you care for Belleville boots?
  • Suede: For suede leather boots, first get rid of excess dirt with a dry bristle brush. Mix warm water and gentle soap together to lightly scrub the leather and nylon with a soft brush or cloth to remove any other dirt or debris. Let the footwear air dry at room temperature. It's advised to avoid using heat and leather polish or any sort of conditioner on these boots.
  • Leather: For smooth leather boots, remove dirt with a bristle brush the same way. Nylon fabric can be cleaned with the same mixture of warm water and gentle soap. Leather polish can and should be used on the leather material; buff until they are shiny. Be aware that using too much polish can reduce the footwear’s ability to breathe. Let boots air dry at room temperature without any added heat in order to preserve quality.
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