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Backyard Games

Whether relaxed or ultra-competitive, there are fun backyard games for every household. This includes popular sports like Tetherball, Frisbee, and the bean bag toss. You can also enjoy lesser-known backyard games such as KerPlunk and Putter Pong.

What are some toss games for summer backyard barbecues?

These games are entertaining for both kids and adults but also simple enough to provide a relaxing summer evening. The idea behind this type of yard game is to toss an object at a board or target for points.

  • Cornhole toss, or bean bag toss, consists of throwing bags at a hole in a slanted board. Players earn three points for getting bags through the hole and one point for landing on the platform. Baggo is a variation with a lighter platform but identical hole. The bags are available in colorful patterns and weights.
  • Horseshoe pits typically require two posts placed 40 feet apart. Players toss steel horseshoes, attempting to get as close to the post as possible to earn points. Plastic horseshoes that are easier for kids to toss are available.
What indoor games can be played in the backyard?

Some traditional games have been adapted for outdoor play. These versions usually have giant pieces that are better able to withstand conditions outside. Some kid favorites include the following:

  • Jenga consists of a tower of wooden rectangular pieces. Each person removes a piece while keeping the tower intact, continuing until it finally collapses. This is an exciting outdoor activity for young kids because, standing at 4 feet, the tower is taller than they are.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe boards and pieces constructed for outdoors consist of a variety of colors and materials including stones, wood, or foam.
  • Dice designed for backyard games add a twist to the traditional Yahtzee. With a set of giant dice, kids are free to toss them and explore their own ideas for fun backyard games.
What are some competitive outdoor games?

Some yard games are more involved than others, and entire summer evenings can center around them. Whether playing as teammates or adversaries, family and friends can bond over these fun and challenging backyard activities. Some ideas for outdoor game nights include:

  • Croquet is similar to mini-golf. Players use a mallet to hit their ball along the ground, attempting to pass through wire hoops in the proper order. Part of the appeal is that the players can set up the hoops differently for each game.
  • Kubb, also known as Viking chess, is popular in Sweden. Teams toss dowels at wooden blocks with the goal of removing all blocks from their side and finally hitting the large block, or king, in the middle. There is strategy involved as certain blocks come back into play and pass from side to side at different times.
  • Bocce ball involves two teams tossing balls in an attempt to hit a smaller ball called the pallina or each others balls to earn points. This game is also called Italian lawn bowling. Some high-end Bocci sets have brightly colored designs with specialized carrying bags.