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BMW Car and Truck Shift Knobs and Boots

BMW car and truck shift knobs and boots are central features of the vehicles interior. In addition to the shift knob and boot parts being essential to your driving experience, they can also speak to the quality and style of your vehicle. Consider what look and feel you want for your shifter before you purchase a new knob, boot, or combination of the two parts.

What should you look for in a BMW manual shifters?

As you search for a new gear shift knob for your manual transmission BMW, consider what features and qualities you want as the look and feel of your shift knob can have an impact on your driving experience. Here are some qualities to consider when shopping for new shifter parts:

  • Height of shifter shaft
  • Size of shifter head
  • Weight or heftiness of the shift unit
  • Shift configuration
  • Overall feel of the part
How do you install a new manual shift knob?

BMW car and truck shifter knobs are generally easy to install. Replacing your old shifter with a new one should take only a few minutes. No tools are needed for installation.

  • Step 1: Front the front seat of your BMW car or truck, move the existing shift knob into second gear. Shifting into second gear gives you the most leverage, putting the knob into a good position for removal.
  • Step 2: Grab the existing shift knob firmly with both hands. Pull hard upward to remove the knob from the shift lever. You might need to wiggle the shift knob a bit to loosen it. You might experience resistance. When the knob comes free, it might do so suddenly and with a good deal of force.
  • Step 3: Remove your new BMW shift knob from its packaging. Fit the new parts shaft hole over the shift lever, and slide the part over the lever. Push downward on the shift knob until the unit clicks into place. Snap tabs on the new shifter should fit completely over the ring on the lever.
What are some different BMW manual shift knob features?

BMW shifter knobs come in a variety of styles. Look for some of the following special features:

  • Alcantara grip: Some shift knobs feature Alcantara, a polyester/polyurethane blend that has a luxurious suede-like feel.
  • Genuine leather: Youll find leather in a variety of textures, including smooth and perforated.
  • Alloy accents: Metallic accents give your BMW an upscale look.
  • Illumination: Some BMW shift knobs plug into your vehicles electrical system.
  • M performance symbol: Youll find this iconic logo on select knob heads.
What materials are BMW shifter boots made from?

For BMW car and truck boot upgrades, you have a choice of several materials, including genuine leather, imitation leather, and Alcantara. There are also numerous shifter boot colors available, including black, gray, and beige.