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B&W Vintage Speakers

B&W has been producing speakers and other forms of audio equipment since 1966. Some of their older offerings are now considered to be vintage, including items like standalone speakers, floor speakers, desk speakers, and wall-mounted speakers. You can find vintage sound equipment in a range of colors, sizes, and styles.

What are the parts of a vintage speaker?

Although vintage speaker systems appear to be a single unit, they are made of up of several parts that are housed in a casing. Each of these parts plays a role in the speaker's production of sound. Some audio parts and their functions include the following items.

  • The yoke is the back of the loudspeaker. A yoke helps to stabilize a loudspeaker's magnet assembly. It is one part that is responsible for the voice-coil temperature and how the speaker handles power output.
  • Magnets for loudspeakers are available in a range of sizes and configurations, and they are usually the driving force behind the sound output you hear.
  • The front plate or grill of a loudspeaker works in concert with the yoke and the magnet to complete the magnetic circuit that is necessary to bring you clear audio. Its overall thickness and precise diameters can be important considerations for the front plate.
  • Cones are made from a variety of materials and help determine the frequency response of the sounds the speaker produces.
  • A dust cap helps to keep dirt and other debris away from the voice coil and the cone.
How do you install B&W vintage speakers?

The specific steps for installing vintage sound equipment in your home can vary according to the model you choose. However, you can follow these general steps as a guide.

  • Connect the appropriate ends of any wiring you have to the proper terminals located on the back of your sound equipment.
  • Check the color scheme or a pattern of lines that may indicate the proper connection points.
  • If you want to mount your vintage audio devices on the walls, install mounting hardware before wiring the system.
How do you care for vintage speakers?

The specific guidelines for caring for your audio equipment vary, but there are a few basic steps you can take to care for your items.

  • You may find it helpful to install or set up each unit in a place where dust and other debris does not enter the netting or interior parts easily. Avoid installing them on conductive materials or near any magnets.
  • You can use a blower or a can of compressed air to remove dust.
  • Clean the front and case of the devices. During the cleaning process, avoid using any liquid-based cleaners that might spill.
  • Provide adequate ventilation for your loudspeakers.
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