Destornilladores Automotriz

Automotive Screwdrivers

The screwdriver is the most basic building block of repair tools. This is true not just around the house but also in automotive repair. Automotive screwdrivers come in many varieties, and there is an appropriate tool for each situation.

What types of screwdrivers are there?
  • Slot Head: Also known as the standard head. The head of it is a flat, single blade of metal that fits neatly into one slot.
  • Phillips Head: The Phillips head screwdriver differs from a standard model in that the head is in the shape of an X instead of a single, standard slot.
  • Torx: Also known as a star screwdriver, a Torx is identified by its unique six-point star-shaped pattern. While the Torx is less common in many types of repairs they are used frequently in automobile repair.
  • Roberston: Also known as a square drive, the Robertson style is generally seen more in Canada than the United States. The Robertson style is notable for a square head as opposed to any slots or star shapes. Robertson specialty screwdrivers are most known for their lower rate of slippage than other models.
What materials are automotive screwdriver tips made out of?
  • Steel: By far the most common material, the majority of screwdrivers are made with a steel bar and are often tipped with nickel or chromium.
  • Alloy: Another popular option involves the blending of multiple metals into an alloy. One of the most common involves a mixture of vanadium and chrome. Other options involve alloys that merge less common metals with steel.
What is the proper way to use an automotive screwdriver?
  • Make sure you have the right size and type: Certain screws will only match certain screwdrivers. For example, a Phillips head is made to fit its respective screws. Furthermore, each type of screwdriver comes with different head sizes to fit different size screws, so making sure you have the right tools for your car repair is critical.
  • Dont force the issue: The appropriate technique for using a screwdriver is to turn the head gently but firmly into the appropriate direction until the fit is snug. Overturning or applying too much pressure can strip the head of the screw, making it impossible to tighten or remove.
  • Make sure it will fit: There are many parts of an automobile that are placed tightly together. As a result, there are a number of places that require angled or very short screwdrivers. Keeping a supply of compact screwdrivers for the tight, tricky places is a great way to make sure you have the tool you need.