Extractores de Automoción y extractores

Automotive Pullers and Extractors

When you need to perform some basic maintenance on your car or truck, you may find yourself in need of an extractor. This tool helps you pull a piece out of your auto. Save yourself time and hassle by picking up an extractor before you need to remove another part.

What kinds of automotive extractors are there?

  • Wheel bearing pullers - Once youve cleaned the hub, extend the puller to the back of the hub. Push the arms of the puller together, tighten the center, and pull the arm towards you.
  • Oil seal pullers - When draining and changing oil and transmission fluid, you can insert the pullers tip under the seal and safely break it.
  • Flywheel pullers - This puller safely removes the flywheel by using torque from bolts tightened by a wrench. These pullers are key to preventing engine damage.
  • Spark plug pullers - Removing the spark plug is the first step to working on your car safely. A puller fits into tight spots and removes the boot without breaking the terminal.

How do you remove a stripped screw or bolt?

When youve accidentally stripped a screw or bolt, getting them out of the surface can be time-consuming. Extractors are tools you dont need often, but when you do, nothing else comes close. To remove the screw, first use your drill to use the cutting side on the screws damaged end. Next, flip the tool to the extractor side. The removal side of the extractors will simply pull the bolt or screw out of the hole.

Can you use pullers and extractors for cosmetic repairs?

When you find a dent in your drivers side door, dont sweat the damage. There are dent pullers you can find to quickly and easily pop the dent out. Fortunately, its also a pretty simple fix.

First, use car wash soap and water to thoroughly clean the dent and area surrounding it. Use a lint-free towel to completely dry the area. Next, firmly attach the pullers to the dent. Depending on your model, you may need to pump the suction to create a vacuum. Before you proceed, clear the area of debris and potential trip hazards in case of poor vacuum. Finally, pull until the dent pops out. Be careful when the dent pops, as the vacuum seal will release. Once this happens, the dent should be gone. This may take an attempt or two, depending on how deep the dent is.