Auto Performance Parts

Performance car parts are designed to create a variety of benefits for your vehicle. They may help you to achieve new top speeds, or they may improve your handling for those times when absolute control is essential behind the wheel. Performance parts are often seen on racing vehicles, but they're not just for race cars.

What are performance parts?

Performance car parts enhance the way your vehicle runs in several ways. For example, a spoiler can be added to your vehicle to help mitigate unfavorable air movement and improve maximum speed and fuel efficiency. Other performance parts are installed directly to your engine to provide it with a boost. These items may be banned in some types of professional racing leagues.

However, other professional leagues are okay with them, and most are legal to ride on the road. Some, like spoilers, provide an aesthetic and performance boost. However, others are stored inside of your vehicle. They will provide you with an increase in your car's performance while remaining unobtrusive.

Do all vehicle manufacturers produce these parts?

Some manufacturers create these products for their vehicles. For example, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Chevrolet, and Honda all produce items like these for their models. However, it is also possible to buy products from manufacturers like K&N, Peterson, Sparco, and Hilborn. These providers focus specifically on making accessories that work on multiple vehicle types.

These manufacturers sometimes focus on specific parts, such as producing nitrous systems and superchargers. Others may focus on interior items, such as improved shifters and other parts that you control inside of your car.

What are some performance parts to consider?

Many of these products are designed to improve the ignition and top speed of your engine. For example, you may end up installing a nitrous injector or a supercharger to squeeze a little more horsepower out of your engine. It is also possible to tweak your carburetor to provide a cleaner and more efficient drive.

Others may tweak items in their engine, such as the cylinders, calipers, and valves. You can also adjust and change the rotors and even the shifters of your car to create more performance.

Why are these performance products used?

There are several reasons people buy these items for their car. For example, they may simply want to increase their fuel efficiency. Many performance items will help make your car more efficient and eliminate waste. However, others may want them for racing purposes.