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Volkswagen Beetle Auto Glass

Tap into a variety of useful features and functions with Volkswagen Beetle auto glass. Made in many varieties, Beetle vehicle windows offer you a number of style choices and technologies. Whether you need front, rear, side, interior, or specialty glass for your VW bug, you can find the window that you need.

How many windows are in the Volkswagen Beetle?

Depending on the VW model and trim, superbugs include up to nine panes of glass. These include the windshield, rear window, drivers window, passenger window, quarter windows, vent windows, and sun/moon roof.

What are some Volkswagen Beetle windshield options?

The windshield may be the most important piece of glass on your bug. Other than shielding you and your passengers from wind and debris, this component also contributes to the overall structural strength of the chassis. In addition to these basic options, the engineers at Volkswagen offer you a myriad of useful options for windshields. These include:

  • Heated Windshield. Many cars and trucks use warm air from their engines to warm and defrost the windshield during cold weather, and this process is often relatively lengthy. In contrast, Volkswagen heated windshield design uses electric current to begin clearing ice from the glass as soon as you turn the key.
  • Infrared Reflective Glass. When sunlight hits regular, untreated car glass, some of the ultraviolet rays reflect off of it while most of the infrared rays pass right through. This heat-energy can make passengers uncomfortable and can also contribute the breakdown of interior materials. Infrared reflective glass includes a special silver-alloy coating that keeps infrared rays out of your Beetle.
  • Insulating Glass.Your vehicle windshield can also act as an insulator. Insulating glass keeps warm air in during cold weather and thermal energy out during hot weather. This feature improves your AC and heating systems efficiency levels.
  • Light and Rain Sensor. Manipulating your wiper controls by hand during heavy storms is a recipe for accidents. To protect drivers from this, Volkswagen engineers use a rain and light sensing system to automatically adjust wiper speed. The heavier the rain is, the faster the wiper blades move, thus enhancing your visibility, control, and safety.
  • Acoustic Layer. Road noise is often a bane of driving but is also usually unavoidable. Volkswagen addressed this issue and now includes a sound-deadening layer in many windshield models. Sandwiched between layers of laminated glass, the acoustic material takes down road noise by several decibels, enhancing your comfort in the process.
  • Lane Departure Warning - This system uses a windshield-mounted camera to continually monitor the position of the car relative to lane boundary lines. If you begin to drift, the VW Beetle uses audio warnings to alert you and power steering assists to correct the drift.