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Chevrolet Equinox Auto Glass

The Chevrolet Equinox is a reliable vehicle, and as an owner, you want to keep your Chevrolet SUV in top condition inside and out. Part of that upkeep involves the glass surrounding you as you drive down the road. Even minor cracks and digs on any of your windows should be addressed promptly.

How is auto glass constructed?

The glass installed in your Equinox is quite unlike the windows you find in your home or a glass in your kitchen cupboard. The major difference between your Chevrolet SUV and other places you find glass is that your Chevrolet vehicle is constantly in motion while in use. The constant movement of driving over uneven, bumpy, and cracked roads causes your Equinox to jostle around, and this jostling puts increased pressure on the windows. Therefore, the windows in your Chevrolet Equinox need to be reinforced, and they are done so in two distinct ways.

  • The windshield utilizes a laminated glass to help protect Equinox passengers from injury. Its construction consists of two sheets of glass sandwiching a sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Through a process of high pressure and heat the glass and PVB are fused together at the molecular level. The PVB gives the fused piece the ability to absorb a greater force of impact by spreading out the kinetic energy. This can be seen in the characteristic spiderweb effect found after an impact. The PVB also acts as a filter, blocking 95% of the suns UV rays further protecting not only you, but also the interior of your Equinox.
  • The rear and side windows on the Chevrolet vehicle are in need of a different form of protection since the prime damaging factor for them lies in jostling about. Glass like that found in your home would shatter under normal driving conditions quite frequently due to its inherent weakness to absorb both compressive and tensile stresses. The answer to this is tempered glass which uses a process of heating and quickly cooling the glass to insulate it from both stresses. The outer layer of the glass cools much quicker than the interior, causing it to be pulled lengthwise while compressing the width. This increases the strength of the glass by five to 10 times and also causes the glass to break into dull shards that will not pierce human skin.
When do you replace your windshield?

The two main forms of windshield damage to your Chevy Equinox will come from chips and cracks. As a general rule if the chip is larger than a quarter or the crack is longer than three inches you might need to have the windshield replaced.