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Auto Seals for Volkswagen Beetle

Every Volkswagen Beetle owner wants to keep their vehicle protected from the elements. Auto seals, also known as weatherstripping, keep rain, snow, and debris from seeping into the cars interior. When Beetle drivers notice their auto seals are no longer doing their job, it may be time for replacements.

What are auto seals?

Auto seals are the rubber strips that line a vehicles windows, doors, and windshield. When the doors are closed, these seals effectively prevent water from leaking into the Volkswagen vehicle. Because auto seals are bombarded with harsh elements, they can become affected after years of use.

What types of auto seals are available?

When Volkswagen Beetle drivers are looking for new auto seals, there are several replacement options.

  • OEM auto seals: OEM auto seals are manufactured by Volkswagen. If Beetle drivers look for seals designed for their cars model and year, they can be confident their replacement weatherstripping will fit optimally.
  • Aftermarket auto seals: Aftermarket auto seals are not manufactured by Volkswagen but are often designed to be compatible with specific Beetle vehicles. Buyers should be more cautious when selecting aftermarket parts, but with a little research, you may find some excellent weatherstripping options.
  • Unbranded auto seals: If Beetle drivers need a quick fix for affected auto seals, they can use unbranded seals. These probably wont be an exact fit, but they can protect car interiors for a few weeks until drivers find the suitable part for their Volkswagen.
What are common signs of faulty auto seals?

When a Volkswagen Beetle has damaged auto seals, drivers may experience these symptoms.

  • Door problems: The auto seals placed around doors dont only prevent leaks; they also keep shut doors lodged tightly in the door frame. When the auto seals become too worn down, Volkswagen drivers may notice their doors are too loose. When its cold outside, the doors might be hard to open. When weatherstripping wears away, the exposed metal of the door sticks to the metal door frame in freezing temperatures.
  • Rattling windows: If the auto seals around the windows become too thin, the windows may start to rattle.
  • Leaks: Auto seals are designed to prevent leaks. When they become too worn to work, water and dirt will enter the car interior, which can ruin car upholstery. When Beetle owners notice that their cars are accumulating unexplained wet spots or debris, its a sign that their Volkswagens need new auto seals.
Do Beetle owners need any other components to install seals?

Volkswagen Beetle owners who want to install their new auto seals may also need to purchase weatherstripping adhesive. This readily available glue is applied to the seal channels, and then the seals are placed on top. If the Volkswagen Beetle has screws holding the auto seals in place, these screws should be put back in place after the adhesive dries.