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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Jackets & Suits 

When it comes to winter fun, riding a snowmobile is at the top of everyone’s list. However, regular clothes just don’t cut it when you’re out in the ice and snow. Arctic Cat snowmobile gear is adventure-ready, and promises to keep you warm as temperatures drop. Suit up in snowmobile jackets, suits, or other clothing to ensure your day on the slopes isn’t cut short by feeling frigid. 

Fashionable and Functional
Arctic Cat snowmobile jackets have multiple features. First, they are stylish, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Second, the jackets and coats provide a thick, insulated layer over your clothing that locks in warmth so you can enjoy activities longer. The jackets are water-resistant so they hold up during a long day on the wet slopes, and as an added bonus, some jackets offer a special pocket just for your phone or music player. Arctic Cat snowmobile clothing is made with special 3M Thinsulate fabric that isn’t bulky, yet still works to keep you warm in freezing conditions. Made for men and women, these winter necessities have plenty of pockets to stash your stuff while you’re enjoying icy adventures.

Snow Suits
For truly cold conditions, a jacket may not be enough. That’s where an Arctic Cat snowmobile suit comes in. These are one-piece designs that you put on over clothing and zip up. Keep your whole body warm and toasty with these stellar suits. Additions like inserts on the seat of the suit that block out moisture keep you dry during your snowmobile adventures. Lightweight yet thermal, snowsuits keep cold at bay and leave you dry, warm, and comfortable for as long as you choose to enjoy your day of play. Windproof, water-resistant, and ventilated, the suits aren’t heavy, and include water-resistant zippers to reduce rust. 

Keeping Kids Comfortable
Arctic Cat snowmobile clothing isn’t just for adults. Purchase cold weather clothing for kids, which includes insulated jackets and snowsuits. Jackets for kids come with the same features as adult versions, such as sporty designs and bold colors, Thinsulate insulation, and a pocket for tech accessories. Unisex gear for kids fits boys or girls, and offers a comfortable, water-resistant, and breathable layer over clothing for the chilliest winter adventures.