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Always Have Power With Apple USB Cables.

As most portable electronics these days are rechargeable, a convenient method of charging your appliances is necessary. Luckily, many of these electronics have a unified means of drawing power: that being the USB cable. With this little cord accessory, all it takes to charge a piece of technology is a compatible port, of which there are many.

What kind of technology can be charged with USB cables?

A great many kinds of electronic devices are rechargeable using a USB cable charger. An iPod, iPad, iPad mini, gaming systems and controllers, and much more are all examples of such.

What is the difference between a USB and micro-USB cable?

Both these connector forms of technology are often referred to by the singular name of USB cables as they serve the same general purpose, that being the transfer of power and/or information from one piece of technology to another. The only difference is size, with the micro-USB typically having one small head attached to the standard full-sized head on the other end. Many appliances and gadgets utilize a micro-USB port as a space saving technique.

Can a USB cord be plugged into a wall outlet?

On its own, a USB cable connector does not possess the means to plug directly into a wall outlet. To do this, a USB adapter will be necessary. These devices possess a USB port to plug a cable into with the other side having the prongs needed to plug into an outlet. This kind of technology can most often be seen with phones as being able to plug a cellphone into either a computer or related technology or the wall outlet gives it greater convenience when you need a charger.

What kind of information can be transferred over these wires?

The USB cord offers a secure wired connection for real-time data transfer consisting of virtually anything a person could want to move from place to place. While certain exceptions may apply and are extremely rare, the only limitation as to what a cable could transfer would be the storage size of where the data will go. So long as the necessary space is available to transfer the files, there shouldn't be any delay.

How do you use a USB cable for file transfer?

In order to transfer files or other information using this type of connection, all you have to do is:

  1. Ensure both the source and destination devices are turned on.
  2. Plug one end of the USB cord into a port on one device and then do the same with the other. If one end is a micro-USB, ensure that end is in the appropriate port.
  3. One or both devices may send a notification that it recognizes the other, at which point you can choose what to do. Select the option to view and change files.
  4. This should take you to a directory or page consisting of different folders and files stored on the devices. From there, you can delete, copy, move, or otherwise change the files as you please.
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