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Choosing the Right Apothecary Jars for Home Decor

If you have empty spaces and tables in your room, putting beautiful decorative apothecary jars can add sophistication to those spaces. These decorative jars are not just beautiful to display but can also be used to store different items such as bath salts, candy, spices and tea leaves. These decorative jars are available in different styles, shapes and sizes, so choosing the right jar for your specific needs can be daunting and the following information will be helpful. 

What are the different shapes and sizes of Apothecary Jars?

  • Shapes of Apothecary Jar: Decorative apothecary jars are available in different shapes. The most widely used shapes include diamond star jar, printed glass container, beaker glass canister, barrel round glass jar, mercury glass jar, embossed glass jar, painted glass apothecary jar, hexagon glass jar, gallon glass storage jar and quilted glass jelly jar. 
  • Sizes of Apothecary Jar: The decorative jars are available in sizes of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml and 2500 ml.  
  • Styles of Apothecary Jar: These jars are available in different styles. Most of these jars are made out of transparent glass, however, some apothecary jars are also made of milky glass, dyed glass and baked clay. The jars are usually lidded, whereas some designs are sold without lids. The style of lid for different jars is also different and they can be shaped from different types of plastics, glass, woods and ceramics. Some decorative jars are printed with floral designs and rustic prints. 

How can Apothecary Jars be used for Decorative Purposes?

  • In Kitchens: In kitchens, decorative apothecary jar and canisters with lid can be used to store candy, biscuits and cookies, tea leaves, spices, etc. The lids on these storage apothecary jars ensure that the material inside stays fresh for a longer amount of time. 
  • In Toilets, Washrooms and Washing Areas: These jars and canisters can be used to store bath salts, cotton balls and loofahs. Bath salts should be stored in jars with tight lids to ensure they are protected from humidity. Different types of washing powders, soaps and liquid washes can also be stored in these storage jars. Using these for storage adds an aesthetic look to the entire washing room and area.  
  • In Living Rooms: These can be used in living rooms for decorative purposes and to display marbles, crystals, pine cones and petals to add color and sophistication to the rooms. 

1000 ml, 1500 ml and 2500 ml clear apothecary jars are ideal for filling large empty spaces in different corners of the house. The smaller versions of jars with glass lids or wooden lids look better on table tops, shelves and side tables.