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Antennas for a Toyota Sienna

As a proud Sienna owner, you depend on your Toyota minivans antenna to provide entertainment for everyone during those long road trips. Without it, that question of "Are we there yet?" becomes a lot more intimidating. Therefore, ensuring your antenna is working great is crucial to an enjoyable drive whether its across town or across the country.

What types of antennas are available for a Toyota Sienna?

The purpose of an exterior antenna is simply to receive or capture broadcast signals that travel through the air. You have the option of choosing from different types of antennas available, including:

  • Original: This is an exact replacement for the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, antenna that came with your minivan.
  • Mini: These antennas offer a shorter profile, thus creating less drag. They are designed to make optimum use of their small size to provide a quality signal.
  • Fin: If your vehicle is equipped with a drag-reducing fin, you can alter the antenna setup to work with this component. You can select one that matches your Toyota minivans body color, or you could paint the component to match after you receive it.
  • Extended: If you live in a more rural area or an area with a congested AM/FM spectrum, an extended antenna can offer a stronger signal while still looking great.
How do you maintain a Toyota Siennas antenna?

In addition to offering entertainment, your Siennas antenna is important because it helps you receive timely safety information, such as weather and traffic alerts. Therefore, keeping it in great shape helps contribute to your safety on the road. Maintaining an antenna is a simple process.

  • Remove your Siennas antenna when you go through an automated car wash. The heavy brushes used in the car wash can overextend your antenna, causing it to crack or break.
  • Use plastic or rubber conditioner to maintain the pliability of your antenna. Constant exposure to sun and other weather elements can cause the plastic and rubber on your antenna to become brittle over time. By using a conditioner, you ensure that the antenna will remain flexible and wont crack under the regular force load it receives as it stands up in the wind.
  • Remove the antenna occasionally to clean your Toyota Siennas exterior sheet metal. Dirt and hard water deposits can build up under the antenna base, leading to rust on your vehicle and corrosion of the antenna. By removing the base once a year or so to clean underneath it, you keep this buildup to a minimum and keep your Sienna looking great.
How do you replace an antenna on a Toyota Sienna?

Replacing the antenna mast on your Sienna is an easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is unscrew the old mast from the antenna base, and then screw in the replacement one. To ensure that the replacement antenna is compatible with your Toyota, be sure to test all of the functions on your radio, including AM/FM, satellite, and, if its equipped, GPS navigation.