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Toyota Prius Antennas

Most Toyota Prius models come with an exterior radio antenna. When Prius drivers are looking for a replacement or an upgrade, there are plenty of options for every Prius model. Replacement antennas range in style, shape, and function.

What type of antenna comes standard on the Toyota Prius?

Recent Prius models come with a color-keyed roof-mounted shark-fin antenna. This is standard on all vehicle styles, from the standard Prius hatchback to the Touring vehicles. When choosing a replacement part, these Toyota-made shark-fin styles are easy to find.

What types of antennas are available for the Toyota Prius?

Toyota drivers can choose from a wide selection of antenna types. Some options provide the same sound quality as the original Toyota antenna while others allow drivers to upgrade their radio listening experience. The options include the following:

  • Whip antenna: Whip antennas are the classic radio antenna option. They are long and thin, but resilient enough to withstand harsh weather. Many older Prius models have whip antennas, and theyre perhaps the easiest style to replace. When selecting one, drivers simply need to make sure that the antenna is compatible with the vehicles existing mounting plate.
  • Shark-fin antenna: The shark-fin antenna gets its name from its appearance as these sleek antennas have the appearance of a dorsal fin. Most of these models are actually multiple antennas joined together within a single, shark fin-like housing. Because these antennas are much smaller than whip varieties, they are less likely to be damaged. They also provide excellent radio reception quality.
  • Bee sting antenna: Bee sting antennas are also relatively small and sleek. Instead of a dorsal fin, however, they resemble the pointed stinger of a bee. The configuration of these antennas minimizes signal loss and provides excellent AM/FM radio regardless of location.
  • Retractable antenna: These antennas are designed to retract into a specially designed casing. There are manual retractable antennas, which only retract by hand, and automatic retractable antennas, which are activated when Toyota drivers turn on their Prius radio. Automatic options are the most convenient as the automatic retraction prevents unwanted damage.
When should you buy a new antenna for your Prius?

There are many reasons to purchase a new antenna for a Toyota Prius. Perhaps the whip antenna snapped off, leaving the car with a poor radio signal and plenty of static. Maybe its simply time for an upgrade. If Toyota drivers are unsure whether their antenna is going bad, however, they should switch the radio to AM. While failing antennas often get decent FM reception, theyre unable to pick up AM signals.