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Exterior Antennas for the Toyota Cressida

Exterior antennas for Toyota Cressida vehicles are designed to receive analog, digital, and satellite waves to the vehicles radio so drivers and passengers can enjoy music and other entertainment options while driving around town or across the country. The antennas are constructed in different configurations depending on the type of signal you are trying to connect to. Here are some things you should know about the antennas made for a Toyota Cressida:

Whats included in an antenna kit for a Toyota Cressida?

There is an antenna, a mounting bracket, and the associated hardware in each Cressida antenna kit. The type of antenna, mounting bracket, and hardware depend on the style of antenna you are installing on your Cressida. For example, an antenna for picking up satellite waves looks something like a shark fin and is typically placed on the back part of the roof on a Cressida. A shark fin kit comes with double-sided tape to attach the fin to the roof of the car. However, some antennas use a bracket that is bolted it into place, which the antenna is attached to. A kit for this type of antenna will come with the necessary bolts, nuts, and brackets.

What product design options are available for antennas?

There are a number of different design options for the antennas available for the Toyota Cressida:

  • Products that require bolts and other mounting components are usually designed in a variety of color schemes. Some items have a two-tone pattern which doesnt clash with modern or vintage automobile paint schemes. A few options have a bold, solid color that works well with common Toyota Cressida paint colors.
  • Sporty options can be used on many popular Cressida trims, as the main housing for these items is made of a glossy metal material.
  • Thin antennas are designed with motorized components which retract the antenna down into a bracket located on the fender or roof of your Cressida.
  • Shark fin design configurations which stand out slightly from the roof of your Toyota Cressida vehicle.
What options are suitable for various driving conditions?

If you have a Toyota Cressida thats typically driven in off-road environments, a bulkier antenna from Toyota is worth considering because of their sturdy housings and construction. However, aerodynamically-shaped thin antennas from Toyota, as almost everyone is used to, are designed to handle wind from high speeds. Retractable antennas are useful when driving through car washes, to protect it from the large brushes and other equipment used to clean your vehicle.

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