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Antennas for Jeep TJ

Antennas provide your Jeep TJ model Wrangler with the ability to receive and interpret magnetic radio waves. These devices provide you with the convenience of listening to your favorite music or informational radio programs as you drive your Jeep Wrangler. Understanding the types of antennas available for your Jeep, how they work, and how to replace faulty ones is essential to getting the most out of your TJs communications system.

Why purchase antennas for the Jeep Wrangler TJ?

Because the antenna on your Jeep is constantly exposed to weather and other harmful elements, the device can experience such wear that it no longer functions properly. Should the antenna of your TJ Wrangler become too damaged, it may lose the ability to pick up and interpret radio waves and signals. This loss could result in not being able to listen to music or news as you are driving. This has the potential to impact the safety of both you and your Jeep while on the road or trails. Purchase and replace faulty Jeep TJ antennas or antenna parts as soon as possible to return your Wrangler TJ model to optimal safety and enjoyment levels.

How do you replace damaged Jeep Wrangler TJ model antennas?

Before you purchase any replacement parts for your Jeeps antenna array, you should first learn how to spot some common signs of a damaged or malfunctioning transmission unit. Once you know these signs, you can buy the parts you need as soon as the faulty ones start to interfere with your TJs radio reception. If youre able to hear only static or bursts of sound coming from your radio, regardless of which station you tune, its likely that your Wranglers antenna is too damaged to receive and interpret the necessary signals. Similarly, any physical cracks in the outer fiberglass shell of your antenna will likely allow wind, rain, and debris to affect the inner wiring of the device. You can purchase full kits for your Wrangler that include the mounting base, mast, wiring, and everything else you need for a complete TJ antenna replacement.

  • First, check for the area where your Jeeps original antenna would be. Some are mounted on the fender or the rear of the vehicle.
  • Unplug the old antenna and remove its wiring by pulling it out of the car using a thin length of some cable attached to the front end.
  • Feed the wiring for the antenna mount through the hole in the Jeep Wranglers antenna base and into the necessary connectors using the same length of cable as a guide.
  • The physical rod is held by an antenna base-mounting mechanism that is affixed to the front or rear of the vehicle via a nut or bolt.
  • Once the wiring is connected to your Jeep Wrangler and the antenna mast is bolted firmly into place on the TJs exterior, test for device functionality by tuning to various radio stations and checking them for clarity.