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Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

Whether you ride a dirt bike on a motocross track or a street motorcycle on the pavement, motorcycle boots can keep your feet comfortable. Alpinestars motorcycle boots come in a wide range of size options. These boots are also available in an array of colors that include black, brown, and white.

What are some features available with these motorcycle boots?

These Alpinestars motorcycle boots are outfitted with a number of features, such as the inclusion of deeper ruts on the bottom of the Tech 6 boots as well as a variety of similar motocross boot models by Alpinestars. Some models, such as the SP-1, are equipped with external toe sliders as well as external ankle guards. The SP-1 model is also outfitted with such features as a speed-lacing system, a hood-and-loop strap, internal padding around the collar and tongue of the boot, and a removable anatomic footbed. Other Alpinestars models, such as the Stella SMX 6, come with features like an internal sole, a wide opening aperture, an integrated TPU slider, and air vents around the shin plate and heel counter.

What materials are these motorcycle boots made from?
  • Leather: This is a natural material that is made from the hides of cattle and other animals. It is taken through an extensive tanning process and comes in a variety of forms, such as patent leather. This material is used in such Alpinestars designs as the SMX-3 and Oscar Rayburn models.
  • Suede: This is a type of leather that comes from the skin of lambs, deer, and goats. It has a napped finish that is produced via a rubbing method and is used as a material in such boots as the Fastback and Joey models by Alpinestars.
  • Rubber: This is a material that is made from the latex of the Hevea tree that exists in South America and other places around the world. It is an elastic substance that is used in the soles of Alpinestars motorcycle boots.
  • Nylon: This is a type of lightweight synthetic polymer that is regarded as a thermoplastic and is melted down into a material that can be made into textile fibers for making of shoes. It is used mainly in the Ridge series of boots by Alpinestars.
How do you select a pair of motorcycle boots?

Finding a pair of motorcycle boots can make for a difficult decision given the numerous variables that you might need to take into account. Consider these areas of variation when making your choice:

  • Select a size: The size options available to you range from 5-16 in standard U.S. sizes along with several half sizes like 7.5 and 10.5. You can also select some models in sizes such as medium, large, and extra-large.
  • Select the right material: The materials that these Alpinestars boots are made of include nylon, rubber, and canvas.
  • Choose a color: There are a large number of color options at your disposal that are provided in both solid and striped patterns.
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