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Alegria Shoes for Women

Alegria carries a large selection of casual and professional shoes. Determined to provide women from all walks of life with supportive shoes in an array of colors and styles, the company offers specially engineered footwear. Alegria shoes are available in a host of styles, including sandals, clogs, boots, lace-ups, and Mary Janes.

What are the main components of Alegria shoes?

The notable components of each Alegria shoe include the following:

Footbed: The heart of every Alegria shoe is the carefully designed footbed. The human foot was researched to craft the insert of supportive materials. Made of a combination of cork, polyurethane, memory foam, and breathable leather, every insert offers the wearer a custom fit. The patented inner sole also offers critical arch support

Outsole: The durable outsole was created to withstand hours of daily use. Certain models are made for women whose professions require them to be on their feet at work as well as anyone desiring a rugged shoe.

Upper: Alegria offers a large variety of uppers in various styles. Within each of its collections, Alegria has a sweeping assortment of colors, including:

  • Light and dark brown
  • Black
  • White
  • A rainbow of other shades, including green, orange, pink, and blue

The uppers are crafted from a variety of leathers, including:

  • Full-grain
  • Napa
  • Nubuck
  • Patent
  • Crinkle
  • Metallic
  • Crocodile print
  • Distressed

The toe boxes are wide to provide the toes with ample room.

What is an Alegria rocker bottom shoe?

Rocker bottom outsoles are designed to roll naturally when you walk. The rocker bottom may promote a natural gait, better posture, and reduced stress on the legs, hips, back, and feet. This type of sole may also offer benefits to those with joint or back pain by reducing the jarring effects of each step.

Are Alegria shoes slip-resistant?

Certain models of Alegria shoes are designed with slip-resistant rubber bottoms or similar compounds, so they are suitable for various terrain.

Can removable inserts be replaced in Alegria shoes?

Many models of Alegria shoes have removable insoles. This allows you to wear the shoe with your own removable inserts or with custom or medically advised orthotics. Replacement insoles are also available. Replacement insoles are made from the same materials and offer the same benefits as the inserts that come with every pair of Alegrias. Replacement inserts are available in sizes 35 to 43 in both medium and wide widths.

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