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Aldila Golf Club Shafts

Aldila Shafts

You cant play golf without a complete club, and that includes the shaft. Golf shafts, like those made by Aldila, are designed with different patterns. All shafts are constructed out of a thin material that is attached to a handle that provides a firm grip.

What are the main shaft options?

Driver accessories are designed with a micro-laminate material. These sports products are very thin; however, the slim design doesnt impact strength. Because the ultra-thin housing has dense properties, a driver product can help a golfer to drive consistent shots. Most driver accessories are uncut and are constructed in a variety of colors.

A fairway accessory has strong wooden properties and a glossy design scheme. The glossy film strategically shields the main wooden housing material. Graphite is the main strengthening component thats found underneath the protective coating on a wooden fairway club. Many wooden accessory products for sports shafts are also made out of toque wood.

What are the long-distance options?

Hybrid golf clubs are designed with a combination of materials. Each material thats used to construct a hybrid club gives a golfer advantages on the course. Iron components help a golfer successfully drive a ball far on the fairway, and the wooden materials give the shaft lightweight properties. Most hybrid shafts may also include practical features and accessories, such as flex hardware and an adapter.

Iron products are constructed out of a thick, durable material. These units also have a coating that provides protection and flair. Iron clubs have a bend point that varies; however, most iron options will feature a mid to high bend point.

Wedge shafts are designed using the most common material options, such as wood and metal. Many wedges that are made of wooden components are engineered with graphite, and most wedge pieces with metal hardware have copper elements. Youll find many graphite accessories with a glossy coating or a laminated coating.

What are the different shaft lengths and design options?

Iron and wood options are designed in long and short varieties. The shortest options are designed with a layout for mid-range drives, and the long shafts are engineered for distance driving situations. Most of the mid- and long-range products have a color pattern that features different graphics.

Multi-color accessories for drives are designed in two unique layouts. Some units have many colors scattered on the main housing material, and a few options have one solid color thats painted near another solid color scheme. Many traditional and sporty shafts have both designs with neutral colors and bright tones.

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