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Airsoft M14

The M14 was a rifle that was originally issued to the United States Army. The Airsoft M14 gun is a replica of this rifle. In airsoft competitions, players shoot each other with pellets propelled by airsoft guns, eliminating each other with non-lethal impacts.

What is an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are replica weapons used in airsoft sports. The guns use low-power and pressurized air to shoot non-metallic projectiles whose calibers differ. The projectiles are usually referred to as BBs and are made of plastic or resin materials. These types of guns and rifles have less stopping and penetration power than the military issue rifles.

Airsoft guns can be operated on an automatic basis by using pneumatic- or electric-motor-driven mechanics, or they can be manually operated by a spring-loaded air pump. Airsoft rifles and guns are designed to very closely resemble real firearm models but cannot be used for the same purposes.

What is an M14?

The M14 is a United States rifle that was originally issued in the 1960s. It was used for basic and advanced training, and used for target shooting, hunting, and plinking in the civilian world. The rifle saw service in Vietnam, was adopted as standard issue by the US military, and was the last battle rifle issued in quantity. It was gradually replaced in the field by the M16 assault rifle during the 1970s but is still in use for training, competition, and ceremonial purposes.

What are the features of the airsoft M14?

The army issue M14 has a muzzle velocity of 2800 feet per second, and an airsoft M14 replica has a muzzle velocity typically in the range of 400 feet per second, giving the airsoft version a kinetic energy of only 1/50 as much per mass of projectile. Since airsoft projectiles are made of plastic and other lightweight materials, the mass is much lighter than military M14 slugs, causing the kinetic energy and, thus, the potential for damage to be even less.

The airsoft M14 is one of the many military-issue rifle models that have been reflected as an airsoft rifle. It has either a walnut, birch, or synthetic stock. They can be purchased with or without scopes. Like the M14 rifle, the airsoft M14 has a magazine and barrel. You can purchase the airsoft M14s as spring-rifles, sniper rifles, and bolt-action. You can also purchase them as an automatic electric gun (AEG).