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Air Intake Systems for Mazda 3

Mazda 3 Air Intake Systems

When you’re looking to improve your Mazda 3’s performance, air intake systems offer immense benefits. Aftermarket systems replace your stock intake system to increase your airflow and fuel economy. Understanding how air intake systems operate will help you select the right unit for your vehicle.

How do air intake systems improve Mazda 3’s performance?

The Mazda 3 engine needs a suitable blend of air and fuel to work properly. The air intake system packs a high volume of cold air into the engine and generates more power from the fuel. Results will vary depending on your driving habits. Regardless, air intake systems provide the optimal air-to-fuel ratio to achieve peak power.

  • Boost horsepower and torque
  • Increase mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Improve the air quality
  • Bring in cool air and burn fuel evenly
What types of air intake systems work for Mazda 3s?

The systems range from simple to complex. Each operation works differently. However, each unit draws in cool air. The cool air flow is dense and holds more oxygen, making the combustion process more efficient. For a peek at how the systems operate see below.

  • Mazda Cold Air Intake System: The parts of a cold air intake unit include a long tube and filter. Moreover, the filter is positioned away from the engine block. Cold air intake assemblies take the dense air and deliver it to the intake manifold.
  • Mazda Ram Intake Assemblies: Unlike cold air intake units, ram systems pressurize the air flow to increase power. They feature long intake ducts that sit at the front of the car, drawing air outside the engine compartment. However, the filter takes its position at the back.
  • Mazda Short Ram Systems: These units operate by using a short pipe to draw cold air from around the cars engine. They have a large filter to increase the air flow into the intake manifold. The pipe and filter combo is easy to install.
Which brands make air intake systems for the Mazda 3?

When it comes time to decide on which system to choose, it helps to know a little about the manufacturers. Each of the manufacturers below offers a wide variety of assemblies.

  • Injen is the creator of the first tuned intake system. As a leader in performance technology, the company offers a range of assemblies that increase horsepower and torque.
  • K&N systems are engineered with matching factory holes for easy installation. The companys assemblies include conical air filters with a heat protection shield. Some cold air intake assemblies feature enclosed air boxes and cold-air intake scoops.
  • Dorman parts are designed with heat-resistant molding to minimize leaks and warping.
  • Airaid offers easy to install and build-it-yourself cold air intake units, including filters, tubes, and hardware.
  • aFe state-of-the-art systems improve cold air quality and fuel efficiency. They offer systems for power gains, refined performance, and extreme performance.