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Ford Focus Air Intake Systems

Ford marketed their first Focus in 1998 as a compact car. With typical pollutants, the vehicles air intake system should be included in the routine maintenance program of your Ford Focus.

Why is the air intake system important on the Focus?

Ford Focus air intake systems kit combines a precise mixture of oxygen and fuel to form what is known as the internal combustion engine. What that means is that with the help of a series of parts such as valves, hoses, and filters, the oxygen and fuel are guided into a piston cylinder, compressed, and ignited. When the combustion creates the force to push the piston down, the crankshaft turns and movement is possible. The oxygen and fuel combination is a critical component in your vehicles engine performance.

What is the purpose of the Ford Focus air filters?

Cold air from outside the engine compartment is circulated through the tube. Along the path, the many fine particles of contaminants floating in the atmosphere need to be filtered out to avoid harmful blockages. An air filter is a very fine part, often constructed of paper, that filters anywhere from 80 to 95% of the pollutants prior to the meet up with fuel.

Utilizing a cold air intake is an important component to the system function because it is denser than heated air and creates a richer mixture. The cold-air intake tube is the first point of entry to access the intake system. The cold air intake will usually be situated close to the fender. Some people prefer to replace the stock cold air intake with an aftermarket kit in order to improve performance.

Is the mass air flow meter important on the Focus?

In order for the engine control module to gauge how much air to send to through the system, it needs to determine how much fuel to provide. The meters job is to provide accurate information so that your Focus can provide optimal performance.

If the vehicle is turbocharged, such as the 2016 Ford Focus 4 cylinder with EcoBoost technology, a combination system is required. A mass airflow meter and a manifold absolute pressure sensor located in the manifold are both necessary to create the appropriate combination.

How does the Focus throttle body work?

The Fords throttle body is a butterfly device located between the air filter and manifold. It limits the amount of air reaching the motor. By depressing the accelerator, it is opened to allow for better circulation. When more air is created, more fuel is injected, which ultimately creates more power.

How does the Focus manifold work?

The manifold on your Ford Focus is a set of tubes. It is connected on one end to the tube, and the mixture is injected into the motor through the manifold tubing. The tubing evenly disperses the mixture into each. It creates the motors ability to properly combust.