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Adjustable Hand Wrenches

Hand wrenches are tools that function as a lever with a jaw-like end, which is capable of being adjusted to a variety of different sizes of bolts. They are vital tools that can be altered to fit pipes, bolts, faucets, and other fasteners of different sizes. They are useful for home repairs and upkeep since they make it viable to work on tasks that require multiple wrench sizes without having to use different wrenches.

What are the different types of adjustable hand wrenches?

There are four major types of adjustable wrenches, and they are as follows:

  • Adjustable spanner: The gripping faces of the jaws of this tool are leaned to a 15-degree angle in relation to the handle. These are suitable for tightening or unscrewing plumbing accessories such as pipes and faucets. The wrenches can be used easily in a narrow, cramped space. The jaw should always be placed on the side towards which you'll be turning so as to avoid the disfigurement of the tool.
  • Plumber wrench: An attached keyring helps fasten movable jaws over any given fitting. The wrench twists forcefully, thus there is no need to engage the bolt or nut it is applied to. This tool is particularly recommended for less cramped spaces due to its relatively large size.
  • Monkey wrench: This wrench is normally used for large projects. It is characterized by a long handle and jagged jaw grips that stay securely attached to different kinds of pipes or other objects. It is made from steel or steel alloy via heat forging, which is the reason for its exemplary strength.
  • Pipe wrench: The pipe wrench has a smooth body and is suitable for usage in hard to reach locations, such as nooks or tight corners. It is also suited for use with soft iron pipes and round surface accessories. It is not recommended for use with hex nuts, as its jaw teeth would cause damage to the hex head. It is made of aluminum or steel.

What are the common uses of an adjustable wrench?

Since they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they can be used for the following tasks:

  • Plumbing: Due to the different thicknesses of piping and fasteners sizes when working with various equipment such as sinks, toilets, and some bathroom accessories, an adjustable wrench is suitable for tackling the different sizes easily.
  • Auto repair: Tight spaces that normally occur during auto repair make an adjustable wrench handy for such tasks.
  • Bicycles and motorcycles: The adjustable wrench is usually handy for removing or tightening bolts in case of a loose chain or flat tire. Possessing a handy wrench prevents time wasted waiting for a mechanic in case of a mishap.
  • Furniture: Newly acquired furniture usually requires self-assembly. Having an adjustable wrench enables you to easily fasten the different sizes of nuts and bolts appropriate for the furniture. This helps in eliminating the multiple wrenches that would have been needed, thus making the process more convenient.

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