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ABEC 11 Longboard Wheels

Skateboard softies are much larger than those that come as stock on most skateboards. They stretch the definition of what soft wheels are when it comes to thickness as well as rotational speed. If you want to use your skateboard to move around corners and glide easily, then ABEC 11 longboard wheels may be what you are seeking.

What bearings work with ABEC 11 longboard wheels?

ABEC 11 Flashback wheels are designed to work with most of the bearings that skaters already have. If you already have custom trucks attached to your skateboard deck, then you already have bearings that should work just fine with ABEC 11 equipment. You might find that the stock bearings attached to the original wheels fit as well. Line up the dots printed on the exterior of the bearing mount box to the inside of the wheels. You will know right away if they fit. If you want to have a different experience with your new urethane wheels, then you can get ABEC 11-approved bearing boxes. These work with ABEC 11 Flashbacks without any adjustments needed while giving you smooth corner glides.

How long do ABEC 11 wheels last?

ABEC 11 Flashback wheels wear evenly. They are made from a thick material that helps cut down on the amount of time needed to break in skateboard wheels. If you are using ABEC 11 wheels to go free riding, then you should get a long lifespan out of them. These skateboard wheels are designed for riding along sweeping gentle curves, which will work if you like downhill shredding.

Does the contact patch influence downhill speeds?

Contact patch refers to the surface area that actually comes into contact with the ground. Large contact patches reduce urethane compression and, therefore, cuts down on rolling resistance. This can increase speeds dramatically, which is why many longboard riders opt for square wheels.

How big should longboard wheels be?

Many longboarding enthusiasts prefer to use a much larger diameter than standard stock pieces. You will see some people prefer longboard wheels that are greater than 61mm in diameter. You may want to start with something smaller than this and work your way up.

What does the durometer number mean when looking at Flashbacks?

When you look at ABEC 11 parts, you might notice that each piece is marked with a number that measures how hard they are. ABEC uses the 100-point durometer A scale, which quantifies the hardness of an individual longboarding part. Harder wheels tend to be fast while softer wheels offer grip. The scale that ABEC uses is as follows:

  • 78a-87a: Soft wheels for rough surfaces.
  • 88a-95a: Slightly soft street wheels.
  • 96a-99a: Average stock longboard wheels.
  • 101a: Hard professional skateboard wheels.
  • 83b: Extremely hard skateboard wheels. Harder than anything else on the A scale.
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