ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Master Cylinders 

If you have noticed that your brakes feel spongy and wont quite stop your quad efficiently, then the brake master cylinder could be at fault. A new master cylinder is one way to make your ATV brakes work like new again. You can keep any parts of your brake system that still work correctly when you swap out the brake master cylinder.

Can master cylinders be refilled?

You can find brake master cylinder assemblies that can be refilled when they drop in fluid, which causes a drop in pressure. If you want to be sure that you can refill the brake fluid reservoir in the future, then make sure to opt for a brake master cylinder that can easily be opened. Brake master cylinder parts that work this way feature a valve that seals tight so that you can keep dirt out of the reservoirs once you are done adding brake fluid.

Will you need to change the caliper?

You more than likely will not have to change out any other brake parts if you swap out the master cylinder, although you will want to fill the reservoirs with brake fluid and then bleed the air from the system. However, if your brakes have felt spongy for some time, then swapping out some of the other parts when changing the brake master cylinder might be a good idea. Conventional master cylinder kits will give you the components that you need to repair many pieces of your brake system beyond merely the brake master cylinder itself.

Will a new brake master cylinder change the brake response?

If you change out your brake master cylinder, then you might find that the brake response is much faster. Slower brake master cylinder parts can cause your brakes to get soft and spongy, which makes your vehicle brake slower than it should. Installing a new brake master cylinder on your vehicle can improve the brake response dramatically. In fact, you can expect the brake action to return to the state it was before the brake cylinder needed replaced.

How many master cylinders do you need for an ATV?

You will generally have a single master cylinder assembly for each brake system your ATV has. Some brake structures have a dual master cylinder set to use as backup. You will simply need to check how many miniature pistons there are if you need to acquire master cylinder replacements.