ATSC Computer Video Capture and TV Tuner Cards

ATSC computer cards provide you with the equipment necessary to watch TV on your computer or record and capture video from a video game that you are playing. A wide range of different brands, including AVerMedia, HP, and Elgato, build these cards. Depending on your needs, you can use these video capture cards to convert digital and analog video.

Which ports and slots are these cards compatible with?

When you are choosing one of these tuner cards, you should be aware of which ports and slots that they are compatible with. The following is a general rundown regarding compatibility:

  • ExpressCard 54: This interface is typically found in laptop computers and supports both 34mm and 54mm cards, which are available with a selection of these video capture and TV tuner cards. The ExpressCard port is usually found on the side of the laptop that you are using.
  • PCI Express x1: There are a wide array of different PCIe slots on a computer, the most common of which is the PCI Express x1, which many of these cards are compatible with. These slots are situated directly on the motherboard of your computer, allowing you to transfer the video on your card to the motherboard.
  • USB 2.0: The majority of these cards are compatible with USB 2.0 slots that come standard on most computers. If you only have a USB 3.0 slot, these are also backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices. A USB is a standard cable connection interface that allows you to transfer any video you capture to your computer.
How does a TV tuner work?

This type of card allows signals from your television to be received by a computer that the card is hooked up to. Most of these tuners can also be used as video capture cards, providing you with the means of recording television programs and placing them onto a hard disk. There are several different types of TV tuner cards, each of which works with a different type of video.

What features does a video capture card have?

These cards are generally outfitted with a wide array of unique features. Almost every model allows you to perform video recording and streaming from a large variety of devices, such as personal computers and video game consoles. Most cards allow you to stream or record in 720 to 1080 pixel resolution as well as 30 to 60 frames per second, providing you with high-definition recordings. Additional features on many of these models include the inclusion of low latency technology, live commentary features, and HDMI pass-through functionality.