What You Need to Know About AT&T SIM Cards

With a wireless phone or iPhone plan from a carrier like AT&T, you can use your smartphone to stay connected with your friends and family. You can use a SIM card to connect a device such as a phone, laptop, or mobile hot spot to the AT&T network.

What is a SIM card?

A SIM card is a device that is inserted into your cellphone or other devices, such as an LTE phone or iPhone, so that it can connect to your carriers network. The SIM enables your phone to make calls, send text messages, and use data. When activating the prepaid SIM card, the carrier may refer to the SIM as the IMEI number. SIMs vary based on the type of networks they can connect to. A prepaid SIM card has you pay for service in advance. A prepaid option allows you to have cell service without being attached to a contract.

What types of SIM cards are available?
  • Standard: This is the largest of the prepaid SIM card types and measures 25x15mm. This kind of SIM is typically used as a card for flip phones.
  • Micro: This type is the next largest size and measures 15x12mm. This type will be used with most smartphones.
  • Nano: This type measures 12.3x8.8mm in size and was introduced in 2012.
  • Combi: This type of card starts out as a standard-sized unit. It is designed to be able to break away the outer parts of the plastic so that it can be turned into a micro-style card. This allows you to choose a type that can be adjusted to fit your smartphone.
How do you select a SIM card?
  • Gather smartphone information: Know the make and model of your smartphone so that you can select a SIM card that fits your smartphone.
  • Select a connectivity type: Choose from 3G and 4G network options.
  • Select a plan: Pick a plan that will provide the options you want and will work with your phone. Some cards come with a specific plan that, once you activate it, provides a set amount of data, minutes, and texts.
What is an international SIM card?

This type of card is also known as a travel SIM. These types connect to the GSM network that is common outside of the U.S. You will need a smartphone that is unlocked and able to connect to this type of network. Carriers such as AT&T and others use GSM for their U.S. networks and should be compatible with a travel-SIM option.

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