AT&T 4G Phone SIM Cards

AT&T 4G Sim Cards

A SIM card is an important part of any smart device. This is the part of your phone that allows you to connect to your carrier to access wireless service. Knowing what type of card you need and how it works to connect your phone is important for uninterrupted service from your carrier.

What types of SIM cards are available for smartphones?

If you are an AT&T customer, there are a variety of 4G LTE SIM card options to choose from, whether you are using an iPhone, Samsung, or other smart device.

  • The nano SIM is the smallest type available which works with the variety of models that have thin designs.
  • You will also find different options when you are under a carrier contract to access the LTE network as opposed to prepaying for your wireless service.
  • The type of SIM you activate will determine at what speeds your phone can work. Commonly used speed is the 4G LTE network coverage, though prepaid customers may experience slower connection times.
What is the difference between locked and unlocked SIM cards?

The basic difference between locked and unlocked SIM cards is that a SIM card that has not been unlocked cannot be used with any other carrier network than the one originally associated with the LTE wireless service. The following information will help clarify:

  • A factory unlocked SIM can often work between phones that are from the same brand and from the same original network. An unlock code can be used to make the switch.
  • Some SIMs are not compatible between different models, even if you unlock it with an unlock code.
  • Switching networks does not guarantee the new wireless LTE service can unlock the phone. Carriers using CDMA technology instead of GSM can activate phones on their network without using a SIM card at all.
How do you install a new SIM card?

The installation process will vary depending on whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or other brand. For most types, you can follow the steps listed below:

  • Turn off your smartphone device.
  • Locate the SIM slot on your phone. This will be in a different place depending on the brand and model. See the device manual if you are not sure where it is located.
  • Remove the old card and replace it with the new one. Replace the cover or reinsert the tray.
  • Power it on and enter your PIN (if applicable). Now you are ready to use it.