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Finding the Perfect Windows XP Laptop or Netbook

One of the key reasons to still use desktop computers is that they are commonly believed to be more powerful than laptops. Thankfully, when you want portability without sacrificing power, ASUS has a variety of options. These laptops are known for their processing capabilities, and there are many ASUS laptops and netbooks available on eBay from a variety of sellers, many of which still ship with Windows XP.

Which Type of Windows Laptop Performs the Best?

The first question you should ask when determining which type of notebook is right for you is the kind of notebook or netbook you need. When you want to get optimal performance, there are many things to consider.

  • When you are planning on using your laptop for heavy-duty processing, you'll want a great deal of memory (RAM) and a strong multi-core CPU, like a quad-core option, which allows you to juggle multiple applications at the same time.
  • These Windows laptops are often marketed as gaming or design laptops, as both gaming and designing, like video and photo editing, require higher specifications than other programs.

What Is a Good Choice for an All-Around Laptop?

When you are just looking to do basic web browsing and access email, many computers will do.

  • RAM is not nearly as important, and a dual-core processor will likely be sufficient, although the adage that more RAM equals better performance still holds true.
  • One thing to consider is a laptop with SSD space. SSD is a type of storage accessed much faster than normal storage, meaning you can load your files in the blink of an eye.
  • For basic tasks, the type of operating system you choose is still important. Whether you like Windows XP or Windows 10, there are laptops that come with either OS. While Windows 10 is newer, you may be more familiar with Windows XP, and XP is still a preferred operating system of many.

Which Laptop Maximizes Portability?

When you care more about portability than power, there are many computers available.

  • The most obvious choice if you value portability above all else is the netbook.
  • Netbooks, in contrast to notebooks, have smaller screens, often around the 10-inch mark, corner to corner. This makes them the smallest laptops on the market.
  • Because it doesn't take as much power to power a netbook, due to the small screen, these computers often have a long battery life, and can also be quite speedy for basic usage.

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