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Light the Way with an ARRI Light

Great lighting can make or break an image, and without good lighting, your videos or pictures would not be as beautiful. Whether you're an enthusiastic hobbyist or you're representing a major film company, you already know how important quality in the lamps used to light the set can be. If you're considering an ARRI light when it comes to getting new equipment, you can find many pre-owned and new options on eBay.

How powerful are ARRI lights when in use?

There are several types of ARRI lights that a person can use on set all with different wattage ratings. The SkyPanel lights made by the company, for instance, have a range between 1 kW ("soft light") and 3 kW ("space light") and can shift between different power levels as needed. Other products, like the tungsten ARRI Fresnel lights, have much lower energy outputs, ranging from 300 Watt to 650 Watt and with less adjustability in single models.

What are the dimensions of an ARRI light?

ARRI offers several different lights with different sizes in different layouts. This gives the products a level of versatility that's hard to come by. Narrowing the question down to a single product line, a few of these lights in the SkyPanel series with their sizes include the following:

  • S30-C and S30-RP - These are the smallest sizes available at 19.6 by 5.2 by 15.6 inches and an aperture of 14 by 11.8 inches.
  • S60-C and S60-RP - The next size up, these lamps are 22.3 by 5.2 by 32.5 inches with an aperture of 25.4 by 11.8 inches.
  • S120-C - The following size of ARRI light measures at 23.1 by 5.2 by 52.4 inches with an aperture of 50.8 by 11.8 inches.
What type of light do ARRI lights produce?

An ARRI SkyPanel light produces 100% white LED light. The company's lamps each produce a single beam of concentrated light composed of over 2,000 individual LEDs colored red, blue, green, and white. Given that these lamps are most often utilized for things like movie sets and photo shoots, this is to ensure the truest colors come through on the subjects being shot. This also makes for excellent shadows, a feature that combines with the colors to bring a true-to-life quality to everything the lights illuminate. Additionally, the company also produces a series of tungsten-powered Fresnel lights with a subdivision of those specifically for theater and location shooting, specifically because of how tungsten can more naturally imitate the color of true daylight.

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