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Armani Men's Suits

Armani is a high-end suit company based in Milan, Italy. The company, which was founded by Giorgio Armani, has been designing suits since 1975. Many of Armani's suits are sold under the Armani Collezioni label, which has consistently produced suit jackets, pants, and other attire designed to accommodate a variety of tastes.

Which fabrics are used in Giorgio Armani suits?

They are often made from 100% wool, but wool can be blended with silk or other materials. Wool is suitable to wear in both warm and cold weather. Other fabrics are as listed below:

  • Linen is a light, cool, absorbent natural fabric.
  • Silk is soft, strong, and absorbent with a luxurious feel.
  • Cotton is a soft fabric, and a commonly used natural fiber.
  • Blends are easy to maintain. Those commonly used in suits include wool/cashmere, wool/silk, silk/linen, and linen/polyester.
How do you get fitted for an Armani suit?

In order to be sure a Giorgio Armani suit or jacket will fit correctly, you will need to used a tape measure to gather your body's measurements.

  • Measure around your chest, passing the tape across the nipples and under the armpits. Sleeve length is measured from the protruding bone at the base of the neck. From that spot, run the tape across the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist. Add one inch to that measurement for your sleeve length.
  • Always buy the correct chest size and look for a comfortable fit across the shoulders. Other measurements can be adjusted to fit.
  • The waist of pants is usually approximately 8 inches smaller than the chest measurement.
  • To measure the length of the pant leg, measure from the crotch to an inch above the floor.
What are the different style options for Armani suits?
  • One-button:This style is most common on a tuxedo jacket. They are ideal for formal and black tie events.
  • Two-button: The two-button look can be used for either business or social events.
  • Three-button: Although this style has three buttons, it is considered bad etiquette to button all of them.
  • Double-breasted: This look is considered more formal than the standard single-breasted suit jacket. The style stands out by having additional fabric that folds over to the right side instead of being buttoned in the center. Double-breasted suit jackets are likely to have six buttons, but four or eight buttons are also an option.
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