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AK47 Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a competitive sport in which players shoot each other with plastic pellets using replica airsoft guns. There is a wide variety of airsoft guns that mimic the AK-47, for example. You can find an airsoft gun that is right for you and learn more about it here.

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a simulated battle game using replica weaponry that is closely modeled after real firearms. The arms used in airsoft include well-known AEG rifles such as the AK-47. These weapons are designed to shoot a 6mm round plastic projectile instead of bullets. In this sport, competitors are divided into teams who attempt to conquer objectives while shooting the small, hard plastic balls at the other competitors. If a player is struck by a projectile, they are eliminated for the round.

What is an AK-47?

An AK-47 is a type of assault rifle made and exported by the former Soviet Union and still in use in many countries around the world. AK-47s are fully automatic military weapons that are capable of rapid fire and designed for accuracy.

What are some factors that can be considered when purchasing?

The airsoft gun you choose should align with what you intend to use it for and your playing style. For example, a sniper will need a different airsoft gun compared to someone who just goes in guns blazing. When deciding on an airsoft gun, here are a few considerations that make the task easier:

  • Purpose: Whether you intend to be a solo target shooter or an all-in airsoft competitor makes a significant difference in your choice of arms. For the solo target shooter, most out of the box airsoft guns will usually be sufficient.
  • Shooting style: Determine whether you are the type to fire multiple shots in rapid succession or take your time lining up the perfect sniper shot painstakingly. While a sniper may do well with slower reload times and fire rates, the fast and heavy shooter might require a weapon that features magazines that provide extended ammunition capacity.
  • FPS rating: Feet per second, or FPS, is an important consideration for airsoft shooting. While these replicas are inherently safer than the real firearms they resemble, they can still pack a bit of a punch at close ranges. More advanced airsoft guns with a higher FPS number will hit harder and shoot farther than those with lower FPS ratings. If you and your friends plan to play a game of airsoft, lower FPS guns should be sufficient. If you plan to snipe the enemy team from across a long distance, a higher FPS rating is more appropriate for your needs.