What Are 8 AWG Quick-Disconnect Connectors?

When you want to hook up audio and video components with ease, quick connectors are the simplest solution. One type is 8 AWG quick-disconnect connectors, with AWG standing for "American gauge wire" and the number "8" referring to the diameter of the wire. These wires use a male and female connection to easily solder onto existing wires for numerous applications.

What Are Some Things to Know About These Connectors?

Though the wires have many purposes, including battery packs, solar power applications, and automotive power, the connectors are a different component. What do you need these specific parts for?

  • These work as connectors for 8-gauge wires. They're insulated and made of coated copper to work as connectors and terminals for this specific type of wiring.
  • You can connect these to all types of tech, such as amplifiers or batteries, and quickly disconnect them using these insulated components. You can also purchase uninsulated along with partially insulated when desired. They're color-coded, so you know which type is which.
  • They come in assorted sizes and are made of various materials.

What Comes in a Kit?

You can get everything you need to disconnect 8 AWG wiring when you purchase a connector set that has all the pieces of equipment you need, so you don't have to buy the parts separately.

  • You can choose between small connectors and wired designs. The upside of wired connectors is that they're connected to cables already so you can remove amplifiers or inverters without removing existing cables, making it much easier.
  • Though you can buy these quick disconnectors separately, it's usually a better buy to purchase them in bulk because that way you always have them handy when necessary.
  • A kit or bundle may also come with connectors along with harnesses, and when you frequently use these accessories, it's wise to invest in a kit packed with quick disconnectors of all colors and sizes. These come in a portable case and allow you to grab the pieces you need at your convenience.

Which Brands Make These Connections?

You'll want to look for tech equipment by reputable brands before you make your purchasing decision.

  • Molex is known for its tech supplies, including quick connectors for different wire gauges. They come in assorted colors and provide distinct features, including a lightweight design, brass plating, and nylon insulation. They're also fast, safe, and efficient.
  • Another option is Anderson. Used for marine wire, power wires, and other types of applications, these heavy-duty connectors get the job done. In addition, when you purchase them in quantities of two or more, you'll always have one when you need it.
  • Audiopipe makes molded connectors with cables that offer polarized, molded connectors for a variety of uses. These inline power cables are a breeze to use and get your components disconnected when you need them to. These 2-pin devices can install quickly into your 12-Volt DC cord for basic usage.